UUT2 A diesel fuel injector operated by a durable magnetostrictive actuator offers new control capabilities. As desired, it can vary this the fuel flow rate in any manner (very fast, full or partial lift) throughout each injection event. Combine fine control mechatronics with GPDT’s smart responsive system and the engine will run cleanly and efficiently.

Illustrated above, the latest prototype design integrates all of the lessons learned from earlier hardware. It will fit into the same space as the solenoid / servo valve injector it replaces.

How Is This Done -- The Magnetostrictive Rod

Rod One of the “rare” earths on the periodic table of elements, terbium which is element #65, has a unique property. This property is part of each atom of this element, meaning that the property is indestructible.

This unique property is packaged into an alloy with dysprosium and iron and then our actuator. This property, labeled “magnetostriction,” may be thought of as almost exactly like thermal expansion or contraction, except it is electrically controllable. That is, GPDT's solid rod produces the same amount of force and displacement as thermal expansion, except it is electrically controllable and therefore very fast.

Pictured at left is a rod and its coil from the prototype that was tested in an engine.