Patents That Have Issued To Great Plains Diesel Technologies, L.C. And Patents Pending

7,255,290 teaches how to obtain high speed from a magnetostrictive actuator.

8,113,179 teaches how to overcome hysteresis, improving magnetostrictive actuator accuracy.

8,418,676 teaches how to rotate magnetic domains in the magnetostrictive actuator in preparation for magnetostriction.

8,683,982 teaches how to reduce the magnitude of the outside forces acting upon the magnetostrictive actuator. 9,385,300 teaches A) intentionally inducing eddy currents to quickly heat the magnetostrictive alloy for subzero starting, B) periodically calibrating the magnetostrictive actuator in operation, and C) hardening the magnetostrictive alloy against mechanical abuse. EP 3,084,853 teaches how to detect fuel pressure by looking for the presence or absence of transient ringing, overshoot, and undershoot from the magnetostrictive actuator.

EP 3,109,455 teaches how to match the force and displacement available from a magnetostrictive actuator to the force and displacement required by an injector needle.

Patents Pending

WIPO application PCT/US2014/071532 – “Diesel Fuel Pressure Detection by Fast Magnetostrictive Actuator”

US Application 15/001,845 – “Fuel Injection Rate Modulation by Magnetostrictive Actuator and Fluidomechanical Coupler”

Other patents waiting to be filed.